What Our Clients Say

‘Breadstone have been supporting Magnox for a number of years, providing quality training and mentoring to our workforce on investigation and learning techniques. The Magnox executive team recognised that a number of areas for improvement existed within our formal ‘learning from events’ arrangements. Breadstone have been instrumental in providing targeted training to those staff responsible for carrying out investigations and embedding learning on our sites, ensuring repeat events and accidents are minimised.’

Andrew Easterbrook

Head of EHSS&Q Regulatory Engagement and Improvements, Magnox, Oldbury Technical Centre 

‘Breadstone have provided us a consistently high quality and customer-focussed service in several areas where skills and experience are short. They were able to create and deliver specialised courses; for human performance and error avoidance for knowledge workers and ways to develop and support staff to challenge each other effectively. They have delivered our nuclear safety culture training material to contract partners. They were also able to undertake nuclear safety culture maturity assessments on potential suppliers and have helped us to develop our approach in this area. We formed an effective team and they delivered high quality, innovative solutions.’

Bob Duarte

Policy Standards and Culture Manager, EdF NNB

‘Ian has a way of making you want more and motivates you into actually enacting what we agreed to try out. There was never any feeling of pressure but just a realisation that you have to do stuff to get anything out of the coaching.  I also found it easy to discuss personal issues with Ian and whilst these were maybe not strictly part of the formal coaching, helping me with them definitely made me more effective at work.’

Ken Allan

Project Manager, Magnox

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