Nuclear Safety Culture Workshop

Breadstone is a nuclear services organisation providing specialised consultancy and training for nuclear operators and contracting businesses, within the UK and overseas.

Developing your company’s nuclear safety culture

Companies working in nuclear new-build are expected to understand their role in ensuring nuclear safety and actively participate in developing the right culture to support it

Breadstone is the only approved external supplier of the NNB Nuclear Safety Culture workshop. This workshop is mandatory “for all Contractor Lead Teams” working on the HPC project. The contractors are also required to “identify and demonstrate the appropriate processes, attitudes and behaviours which will be necessary to achieve a strong nuclear safety culture throughout their engagement” (Ref: Nuclear Safety Culture Requirements. NNB-308-SOR-000011) and many choose that all of their staff attend this important workshop.

Using a case study based on actual events, participants should be able to identify their part in creating a strong nuclear safety culture. The objectives include:

•             Explain “what makes nuclear special?”

•             Explain what is meant by nuclear safety & nuclear safety culture.

•             List the HPC Project Values and describe their relevance in safeguarding nuclear safety

•             Describe how personal discretion may affect quality and nuclear safety.

•             Describe key types of human error and their causes.

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