Nuclear Contractors

Training for contractors working in the nuclear sector

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)* states:  “A key principle to assure the competence of contractor personnel is that they must be suitably qualified before performing the work. Accordingly, contractor personnel competence should be formally assessed and documented.”  Breadstone can help with assessment and training of staff who will be working within nuclear power plants (NPP), to ensure that regulatory standards are met.

* Assuring The Competence Of Nuclear Power Plant Contractor Personnel, IAEA, Vienna, 2001

The requirement for contractor training

The IAEA defines this responsibility as including:

  • Assessment of risk
  • Quality assurance
  • Compliance with procedures
  • Communications
  • Teamwork
  • Training for work in hazardous environments and
  • How to deal with concerns about nuclear safety.

Contractors and maintenance staff that are subject to these regulations might be working on-site or off-site, on long or short-term contracts, and their skills might include a variety of specialisations. They need to work effectively and safely in their own role and in partnership with the NPP staff who are permanently on site.

Breadstone trains nuclear contractors

Breadstone’s consultants are well placed to identify and address gaps in competence and qualifications as well as providing specialised training unique to the nuclear industry.

In addition, we work with both contractors and nuclear operators to design suitable training for temporary and long-term contractors to help them fully understand and meet the exceptional requirements of their nuclear clients.

Typical training might include:

  • Introduction to working on nuclear sites
  • Familiarisation with nuclear company policies, standards and expectations
  • Working in a highly regulated environment
  • Implementing an organisational learning programme compatible with the customers


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