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Breadstone is a nuclear services organisation providing specialised consultancy and training for nuclear operators and contracting businesses, within the UK and overseas.

Breadstone offers Human Performance training at Foundation level, Supervisory level and Practitioner level

These courses are for people whose roles include providing the optimum working environment to minimise errors. These are pragmatic and relevant training events that, as far as possible, are tailored to your specific business context.

Training is usually in an interactive workshop format in which the participants are encouraged to take an alternative viewpoint on the work that they do. Through a variety of practical activities we enable them to work out solutions and improvements that they believe in and are willing to own in their workplace.

Foundation Level

The Foundation course is a half day workshop in which we introduce the reasons that people inevitably make mistakes and a simple framework for reducing them.

It is suitable for anyone working on projects or activities that have critical steps with consequences if they aren’t correctly executed. These are as often office-based as well as in the field.

Supervisory Level

This is a build on the Foundation course and can be run either as a half day extension for anyone who has attended the Foundation Course, or an as extended course for supervisors lasting around 6 hours.

It is intended for people who directly supervise activities that are prone to the effects of human error to equip them with a sound understanding of how to identify error likely situations and address them before the work starts. This includes elements of both task design and basic behavioural science.

Practitioner Level

For those with specific responsibilities for ensuring that errors are prevented in safety and quality critical contexts, the Practitioner Level training provides a deeper understanding of the conditions that lead to errors, the mindsets that surround them and what steps the practitioner can take to minimising them.

The duration of this training depends on the clients’ requirements to an extent, as we will bias the content towards your particular context where possible. The content will normally cover the cycle of error-inducing activities starting with a business process, how the selection and training of people affects how work is done and how to redesign a workflow or project without error traps. It will also cover the behavioural side of human error and the aspect of culture change.

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