Exceptional Teams

What makes a team is the ability of its members to communicate and co-operate, whilst making the best use of the resources available within it.

And that’s where the difference between a team and an Exceptional Team lies .

Breadstone provides a range of services that will help make your team Exceptional. Our one and two-day Team Communications Workshops form the basis of the services. They are fun, interesting and revealing. The participants leave with insights into themselves and their colleagues that they can use to build better relationships and improve how they interact. Follow up coaching is offered to help embed the outcomes of the workshop.

Further development is offered through our “Pulse Check” and Team Diagnostics. These are essentially individual and group interviews that establish how the team perceives itself, and how others perceive it from the outside. The results are assessed and recommendations are made in a report. We offer further services to assist in implementing recommendations that we will discuss with you at the appropriate time that include individual and team coaching, and conflict resolution where this would be beneficial.

It is in our interest to see your team become Exceptional by being functional and highly effective, not dependent on us or anyone else. We try to keep our involvement simple and brief by doing only what is necessary. No more and no less.

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