Accident and Root Cause Investigation Training

Breadstone is a nuclear services organisation providing specialised consultancy and training for nuclear operators and contracting businesses, within the UK and overseas.

Train your own in-house investigators to help your business learn from incidents and prevent recurrences.

Nuclear industry businesses are expected to be effective learning organisations, and establishing what the real causes of mishaps are enables them to prevent them from happening again.

Our services range from providing advice on setting up an investigation process through to designing a training course to help your people learn how to follow your company’s process using established good practice. If necessary we can provide an experienced consultant to support your investigation team in carrying out an investigation, either as an active participant or in a coaching capacity.

Poorly executed Root Cause Investigations waste time and money and rarely result in solving the real problems.

We have standard courses for Root Cause Investigations and Apparent Cause investigations. Both are case study-based and highly participative training events.

Root Cause Investigations

This is a 2-3 day course for people tasked by their organisation to carry out a full investigation of an accident or significant occurrence that either had or could have a major impact on the business. It covers the whole investigation process and includes interviewing technique and a number of analytical tools. The whole course is based on a fictitious case study that the participants work through over the duration of the course.

If your organisation has an in-house process we will design the training around it.

Apparent Cause Investigations

This is a one-day course for carrying out a less rigorous investigation on incidents of concern that do not merit the investment and resource commitment of a full Root Cause Investigation. Where the impact of the incident is such that the consequences aren’t severe but the risk of recurrence isn’t tolerable, an Apparent Cause investigation will provide enough information to enable the organisation to apply the right improvements to prevent a repeat.

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