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Nuclear is an exacting and demanding business to operate in.  Specialist knowledge and experience is not often available at short notice, and the demands of nuclear clients and regulators only ever increase.

At Breadstone, we have many years’ experience in the nuclear industry and can couple technical knowledge and experience with the soft skills of coaching, training and consulting to offer your business a useful ally and resource across a variety of applications, from culture change to regulatory relations, and from organisational learning to human performance.

We have extensive experience training nuclear industry personnel and their contracting organisations, and as such we’re uniquely well placed to advise and to devise training workshops for your staff.

What We Do

Our approach is to bring all our expertise, knowledge of the nuclear industry and our rare mix of skills to bear when designing training solutions especially for you and your situation. In addition, we offer advisory and investigative services to help you manage difficult challenges that affect your business.


Nuclear Contractor Training

Breadstone’s consultants are uniquely placed to design and carry out nuclear contractor training to help ensure the competence of personnel working at nuclear facilities. It is a requirement of the Nuclear Site Licence under the Nuclear Installations Act 1965 that there is ‘suitable training for all those on site who have responsibility for any operations which may affect safety’.

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We are also the only authorised deliverers of the HPC Nuclear Safety Culture Training Workshop available either directly or through HPTA. This workshop is essential training for nuclear contractors and manufacturing organisations working on new build nuclear facilities.

Please browse our services listed below, read our FAQs and contact us to talk about your requirements and how we can help you.

We offer support to you, leading to the development of a sound nuclear safety culture within your organisation. This support is tailored to suit your needs and can take the form of consultancy, advice, assessments, as well as workshops and training. Typical content might include:

  • Providing advice to nuclear contracting companies on how to develop their Nuclear Safety Culture
  • Carrying out assessments of Nuclear Safety Culture maturity for clients or within their supplier companies on behalf of clients, using an established maturity assessment tool
  • Developing and delivering training events to support Nuclear Safety Culture implementation programmes for managers, office staff and site personnel
  • Nuclear Safety Culture Training; at foundation level (to provide an appreciation of what it is and what is expected of people) and practitioner level (to provide people with responsibility for Nuclear Safety Culture with a knowledge of good practice and how to implement it)
  • Effective Challenge Training for managers and site personnel (for organisations working on nuclear sites where personnel are expected to challenge each other and senior people, and be comfortable with challenges about activities that affect safety).

Breadstone will work with you to provide advice, consultancy and training for implementers and practitioners of Human Performance Training within your organisation. This programme provides positive steps to understand and foster desirable behaviours, in order to make safe ways of working a habit. Topics we address include:

  • Human Performance and Error Avoidance Foundation Training Workshop; an introduction to the principles of human performance and error prevention tools
  • Human Performance for Managers and Leaders; how to effectively manage human performance and create an environment that encourages the desired behaviours
  • Applied Error Avoidance techniques for knowledge workers; practical application of error prevention in the workplace
  • Behavioural Safety Programme advice; independent advice for companies who seek to improve their safety behaviours on site.

We can help you to develop best practice in conducting investigations into accidents and near misses in nuclear and high hazard environments. Breadstone’s experienced staff are also available on a consultancy basis, to form part of your investigation team. Root Cause Training typically encompasses the following:

  • Investigation process advice and design; for companies that need to implement or improve a process for conducting investigations into accidents and near-misses
  • Apparent Cause Investigation Training; how to carry out an investigation into a minor event or near miss with minor harm potential and implement improvement measures
  • Root Cause Investigation Training; how to carry out a full root cause investigation as an investigation team leader or member, including preparation, information gathering, interviewing, analysis, report writing including conclusions and recommendations
  • Independent investigation team support; a service to support your investigation team with an independent experienced investigator, either as a participant or an advisor.

Breadstone provides support to develop your internal regulation staff.

Internal regulation is a specialised area of work in the UK nuclear industry. It is demanding and requires a unique set of skills, personal attributes and experience. It is rare to find a member of staff who has them all.

We have extensive direct experience of this particular role, and subsequently in coaching and mentoring people who are new to it. As such, we are well placed to support your internal regulation staff to develop into the role and become effective, value-adding members of your organisation’s oversight body.

If you have a need for a specific training topic that is unique to your organisation, it is likely that we can systematically design, deliver and help evaluate it. If your circumstances require it, we can also draw on our network of specialist associates. Contact us and let’s see how we can help.

Examples of bespoke training for nuclear and high hazard organisations might be:

  • Root Cause Training
  • Accident/ Event Investigation Training
  • Internal Challenge course
  • Error Prevention/ Avoidance Training
  • A behavioural science course for managers or HR staff
  • Creating a positive Nuclear Safety Culture in your organisation.

What our clients say


“In May 2005 my team's performance was the one performing least well out of four groups and I wanted to turn this around. I was at first a little sceptical about working with a professional coach as this was new to me.  Ian very quickly established what I wanted for the team and also for myself. We worked with the team on several exercises and team-building workshops.  This brought all of us together and individual team members’ performances improved as a result. The team became very tight knit and highly focused on the objective of turning out the best project delivery by March 2006. I was very gratified to lead this team and to achieve our objective within the timeframe.

What I particularly liked about working with Ian was the very professional nature of his interactions. This generated a very early trust and an open relationship where we both felt comfortable taking about anything, good or bad. I like to consider Ian a friend as well as a coach. Given the opportunity I would very much like to work with Breadstone again.

Ken Allan
Project Manager, Magnox 2005

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